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God's great glory shines brightly through His creations.
We strive to capture the true beauty of our subjects... in nature and in people.
Where Every Image is Picture Perfect

We truly appreciate the blessing of working with each and every client. Every portrait session, every wedding, every framing project, every event. Each offers us a unique opportunity to get to know new friends or get to know old friends even better. Though we are sincerely humbled by these very kind words, we feel it is important to share these experiences so that our prospective clients will have confidence that we will strive to provide them with the very same kind of experience.

We appreciate ALL of YOUR HELP. Also, please let the lab know that we are very pleased with the reprints and we thank them and appreciate their prompt service.

It is extremely gratifying to find someone that provides the EXCELLENT customer service that YOU provide. Unfortunately, it is becoming much more difficult to find that with a business now days.

Thanks again for everything!

Jerene J.

The goal of every senior is to have their senior pictures be unique and something “no one has ever done before”. Well… I don’t know anyone else that has taken their pictures on unsafe loose rocks by deep water, almost fallen off a bridge rail, and gotten a run in by the police for jumping in a fountain. My goal was accomplished! 🙂

Thank you so much Chris for the memorable photo shoot and the incredible pictures!

Miranda S.

The pictures we ordered just arrived, Chris!! They are ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!! You did such a great job, I can’t brag you up enough!!


Milly G.

I look forward to taking some time to go through [the images]. It was such a great experience, and I will be sure to share your name with friends and family. You and Cathy are amazing people. So kind, and warm. The girls had a wonderful time, thank you for making them feel comfortable.

Pam D.

I do not know how to thank you for this evening. It meant the world to have you with us. Thank you for being so wonderful to Bart, to me and the rest of our family. You are an amazing person and I feel so blessed to have met you.

Thank you very much!!

Jill G.

Chris, you and Cathy did a phenomenal job!!!! I loved having you there! You sure touched on all the sentimental little things like the tennis shoe, the daisy on the walk way, the flowers in the vases on the table, and the first glance.

All was beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

All was right on time, and all was perfect as God planned it. Surely He lead the way, and clearly He was in charge, as I prayed and believed and gave it to God.

Thank you soooooooooo much.

Crystal M.

Unbelievable pictures, Chris!! We are SO blessed to have had you capture our miraculous day in pictures!!

You are a blessing beyond words, and we so appreciate you and Cathy!!

Love to you both!!!

Anissa C.

You were a blessing for us… we enjoyed your entertaining style… what a blast to work with. And we will be passing your name/cards along too… if you want to hand us some more when we show off our photos we will pass the card along to those interested…

YOU will also be the one to do our photos for upcoming events… Wow…

Theresa L.

You and Cathy did an amazing job… I’m very pleased with the first glance shots, the shots of <the bride> and the wedding party shots. I’m going to have a hard time narrowing down the pictures that I want. I have told so many people about what a terrific experience we had working with you and Cathy and how I knew everything was going to turn out great. I will definitely recommend your services to others.

Besides the amazing pictures that you took, the care and dedication that the two of you have is such a breath of fresh air. I can tell that you love doing what you do.

Again, thank you for everything.

Karen M.

We were so grateful to have you there shooting our wedding. You captured such a beautiful moment of our lives and we really enjoyed working with you. Everyone else really enjoyed you as well and I heard comments on what a nice couple of people you two are and they thought we made a great choice to have you do our wedding.

Jody M.

First of all I want to say that Chris is a phenomenal photographer! Everybody had a real fun time and were very comfortable. We plan on using you in the future for family weddings, celebrations, etc.

Thanks again – you are awesome!

Sandy B.

I worked with Chris on a photo shoot for Real Estate Executive magazine. It is hugely apparent that photography is a true love for Chris, but his true passion lies in caring for his clients and making them feel comfortable and at ease with every photo. What Chris created in a slideshow with music of my photo shoot is something that I will treasure for a lifetime — he has an incredible way of capturing all I had worked so hard for in Real Estate.

Thank you, Chris, for all that you have done — it was such a fun experience!

Jill C.

We submitted a digital image of a photo that we scanned, requesting an 11 by 14 oil on canvas painting. We certainly could not afford to have an artist paint our portrait, and we found this alternative to be a very realistic and affordable option for us. We are delighted with the quality and appearance of the final product, and we appreciate your expediting delivery of it with the beautiful cherry frame. It hangs in our dining room, and we will gladly recommend your service to our friends and family.

Stan G.


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We offer a wide variety of Photography Services including capturing those special moments and savoring them for decades — or generations — to come. Our clients can join us at any time in the entire spectrum of life from in-the-womb Maternity Photography to end-of-life Memorial Shows. Our services include behind-the-camera work in the studio or on location to after-the-session digital photo restoration.



The creation of artistic portraiture and natural photography encourages us all to celebrate life! Humanity and nature present many tremendous opportunities for the production of art. God’s glory shines brightly through His creations… the majesty of mighty mountains and lakes and rivers and waterfalls and more! But, people are our most cherished and wonderful subjects. Kids of all ages smiling for the camera make our job a genuine blessing!



Your cherished photographic and document memories can get discolored, wrinkled, torn, or damaged in any of a number of other ways. Water, dirt, improper storage, and sometimes simply time itself can cause damage. You don’t need to throw away those photos or documents! We can help salvage them. We can fix faded images, add color, remove color, or correct color, remove objects from photos, and much more.



Your story deserves to be told! Sometimes this is in a simple tasteful frame or in a coffee table memory book. At other times, you need to tell your story in a more vivid way. We offer a wide variety of products and services to preserve and present your photos in very elegant and tasteful ways. For example, we produce professional photo medleys on DVD, we offer gallery wrapped canvas art, and more.


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We offer several products and services to assist you in preserving and exhibiting your photos, including archival quality storage, memory books, beautiful frames, and professional and elegant DVD medleys. Your favorite photos are NOT in their best place when they’re sitting in a shoe box in a basement closet… How can we help you to show it off?


Using your photos and music of your choosing, we produce a professional and elegant medley of images to tell your amazing story. It may be to celebrate the passing of a loved one, the lives of two about to be joined in marriage, a special birthday, an anniversary of parents or grandparents, or any other special event of your choosing. This is NOT a simple slideshow… this is a professional multimedia production on DVD that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


Combining technology and true craftsmanship, skilled artists transform a favorite photo into a canvas work of art looking just like an original oil painting. Imagine decorating your home or office with memories… your family, your children, your pets, your vacations! Each museum-quality canvas is hand-painted using archival inks which won’t scratch or fade for a lifetime. We offer a variety of sizes to choose from.


With our online framing services, you can count on high-quality frames for those special portraits or works of art. If you’re shopping in our galleries, you’ll be able to visualize your selected image using mat colors and framing choices.

For custom framing of your prints, posters, or other special items, we work with a network of select suppliers to build custom frames according to specifications for your project. We perform our own custom matting services, using top of the line cutting equipment to allow for a variety of shapes, angles, inlays, and more. And we offer a wide selection of colors from which to choose.


We offer a wide variety of photography products for items in our galleries. These include “Stand Out” displays, Statuettes, Wall Clings, Calendars, Sports Tickets, Trading Cards, Magazine Covers, Memory Mates, Aprons, Shirts, Puzzles, Coasters, and much, much more.

Check out our galleries and try out the shopping cart to see all of the photo products available from CCG Creative Studios.

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