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Welcome to CCG Creative Studios! CCG Creative Studios, LLC offers high quality photography at very affordable prices. We invite you to take a tour at your leisure to learn more about us. You can review details about our pricing and view a PDF copy of our wedding brochure on our pricing page. And feel free to check out our Client Galleries to see some of the work we’ve done for other...
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Elegant WordPress Themes

Have you been looking for a WordPress theme that has a touch of class? That has been well-developed, properly tested, and is effectively supported? Have you looked for such a theme and thought… “how can I afford this?” We were there. I used to write my own HTML, Javascript, PHP, and other code to run my web site. When it was time for a fresh look, I started researching flash...
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Order Fulfillment

As a photographer, I have regularly struggled with the decision of whether to do “self fulfillment” or host my photographs on a web site that offers “managed” order fulfillment. For the past several years, I was doing order fulfillment myself. We had a very nice system (“Photo Cart” from Pictures Pro [opens in new window]) that I was able to customize to fit...
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