Elegant WordPress Themes

Have you been looking for a WordPress theme that has a touch of class? That has been well-developed, properly tested, and is effectively supported? Have you looked for such a theme and thought… “how can I afford this?”

We were there. I used to write my own HTML, Javascript, PHP, and other code to run my web site. When it was time for a fresh look, I started researching flash sites and so on. WordPress was originally a blogging platform. It is certainly still that, but it is so much more now. It is a comprehensive content management system, too.

The folks at Elegant Themes (opens in a new window) have figured out how to design very clean and classy themes at very affordable prices. I will admit that I am a skeptic when it comes to paying for a web site design. But, the cost of these themes is more than reasonable and the value is beyond description.

I recently implemented one of their themes (the one you’re looking at right now) and our visitors and customers have made many very kind comments about the fresh, clean, professional look of the site.

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