Life is a Blessing!

Isn’t life a blessing? I can’t imagine it not being so. Even during strife and stress, financial struggle, ill health, family calamity, and all other sufferings when some might say no, I still believe it to be so. God blesses us in so many ways that we may take for granted, or refuse to accept, or refuse to believe when we face some of those challenges. But His gift of life to us is intended for abundance. Even when those rough times come. Look at the lives of Joseph, Job, Esther, and many others in scripture. Look at the life of Jesus Himself. He is fully God and was fully human, and He suffered some terrible trials and a brutal death. Yet would He consider His life without blessing? Surely not.

I am so very grateful for who God is and has been and for what He has done and is doing in our lives. We are so richly blessed with a loving family, both in our house and across the nation. We are blessed with busy lives that always have room for a laugh, a hug, a cry, a prayer, and so much more in fellowship with our loved ones.

Last night, I was witness to such a fun and loving time. In a jewelry store. I know some might think… come on. But it is true. I know the owner of the store. He and his family are delightful people. But it goes beyond that. He is giving and humble and caring and warm and funny and… blessed. Despite some real troubles. The folks that gathered there last night were friendly, comfortable, sweet, caring folks. It was like a nice family gathering where you were meeting some of your own (and perhaps distant) cousins for the very first time.

It was like a “Cheers” episode… I could hear the tune “Where everybody knows your name” playing in my head (though the harp playing Christmas carols was far more lovely) and this without the drunkenness of a bar.

Life is such a blessing! Live it out loud, Love with all your heart, Laugh until you cry. You’ll see it, too.

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