Lugging the Camera

So… who actually carries a camera everywhere they go? Do you? This doesn’t include your cell phone. I don’t care how good they’re getting. They don’t count. Not yet. In a few more years maybe.

I’m talking about either the point-and-shoot variety or the SLR. I own two very solid DSLR bodies and I only carry them by intention. Either to a scheduled shoot or on a hike or bike ride or car ride where I have a feeling it may come in very handy. You know the kind of moments I’m talking about… sunset walks, bike rides through the woods, car rides to the lake, that sort of thing.

I have a very nice point-and-shoot that I had intended to take wherever I go. But… I’m a stereotypical dude in this specific case. I have no interest in having anything more in my pockets than what I absolutely need. Usually, wallet in one, phone in the other. Keys… wherever I can put ‘em without hurting the phone. So… what do I do with this really decent pocket camera? I leave it on my desk in the home studio or on the charger. Where it does me no good whatsoever when I really want to take it out and point and click.

I wish I could get more disciplined about this. I spent good money on it. But it just sits there. I don’t carry a purse (not even a “man purse”), so I can’t just toss it in there and head out the door. I bought a little belt loop clam shell case for it, but that just looks and feels goofy, despite its very decent design, size, and weight.

I have to figure something out so I can actually reach in (to whatever is going to ultimately hold it), take it out, power it up, and fire it off in the direction of the beautiful site… or person… or building… or animal… or whatever! Is this a task that requires consistency of placement (by the door on the way out to the garage, for example) and forced use so that I get in to the habit? I think it might be so.

I love my DSLRs, but they are heavy. Obviously. I can’t take them everywhere I go for fear of (1) breaking one or (2) losing one or (3) having one stolen. They certainly help me to take a better photo, but they have their purpose and every day lugging is not it.

So… I’m off to figure out how to create a “routine” for carrying that point-and-shoot around with me.


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