We have traveled to many exciting locations, some in the beautiful state of Minnesota, some elsewhere around these great United States, and some in the amazing nations of the world. While these travels have not always been solely for the purpose of taking photographs, we have been truly blessed to be in a place to capture some beautiful natural landscapes.

In our galleries, you are invited to view the photos we have taken in so many beautiful locations. Many of the images in the galleries have been purchased and printed on large canvas wraps for home and office decoration. We are honored to have some of our work in the finest locations and we would welcome the privilege to hang one or more of these prints in yours!

In this sample image, we captured the rushing waters at one of the wonderful Minnesota parks and then applied a brush stroke effect to make it appear painted. A 24×36 canvas “painting” of this image is hanging in the offices of a local client. Again, we invite you to browse the Galleries to take a look at some of the remarkable imagery that only God can reveal each day. He makes it… we just capture it.

In addition to our nature (landscape and wildlife) photography, we also enjoy capturing the human landscape. This often includes intriguing architecture, people with an artistic appearance, interesting moments in time, and so on. These are not professional family portrait sessions… they are the art of humanity. And while humans may be the designers of the buildings and the manufacturers of the trains and the “creators” of the cities and towns, we have no doubt who the real Creator is. God has bestowed remarkable gifts upon so many… some use these gifts wisely while others use them far more foolishly. There is art in all of this.

We thank God for the gifts He’s given us and for the opportunity to share His gifts in nature and in humanity through the perspective of our lens…