With our custom photo and document restoration services, you can trust that your special photos or documents can be restored to near original condition. We will scan your original from print, paper, or negative. We then use painstaking care and powerful software tools to ensure that scratches, unwanted marks, rips, and other blemishes are removed. For the really big or very difficult work, we may engage one of our trusted suppliers to get the job done. Take a look at the example we have provided on our Image Repair page.


Even when other forms of damage have not occurred, your treasured photos will naturally fade if not properly stored and protected. Older albums were not designed to be safe for your precious memories and standard glass in a frame will not protect your favorite photos against the powerful UV rays of the sun. We can bring back the color! Our sophisticated software tools will recover the proper color. See an example of this on the Color Correction page.


In contrast to correcting old or damaged photographs, sometimes our clients just want to get the “look” of a photograph to match the era in which it was taken. Our tools enable us to establish the “proper” look of a photograph using a timeline of photographic history and our comprehensive digital imaging tools. We can help you choose the proper appearance of your photo based on the date on which it was taken. Take a look at some of the sample images on the Time Machine page.